Tuesday, April 9, 2013

30 - the best decade yet.

Today is my birthday, and I am just unreasonably happy about it. Thirty! Yes! I made it! I am not sure why but I have a feeling that this coming decade is going to be the biggest and most exciting of my life. I think I am going to laugh a lot this decade, and feel happier and more free than ever before. I have a really good feeling about the coming years.

My twenties were good, but good in an enriching way, rather than a fizzy bubbly way. I got married had two kids, moved to Turkey, did a lot of grown-up stuff. Stuff I wouldn't want to change or be without, that gives me a solid foundation. I'd say those years have given me a feeling of security, but now I feel ready to fly a little.

In my twenties my goal was pretty much "keep the kids alive" - they are, and they are at school, and each day I can feel they need me a little less. I love seeing the people they are becoming, I love that it doesn't break my heart any more that they are leaving me behind, but just seems like an opportunity.

So for my thirties, my goal is to get some qualifications, and get a career. I have ten years in which to achieve this, and I've pretty much written my action plan. I can't wait to see who I become.


  1. A belated Happy Birthday - 30 seems such long time ago to me and I hadn't done very much by my 30th birthday - you seem to have achieved a lot.

    1. Thanks! Do you think I can put "kept family alive" on my CV? I'm not sure it counts as a transferable skill.